For our end event, we are holding a rally and you're invited! Come on down to Jesmond Gardens Primary School in Hartlepool to see an amazing battle! We have done lots of preparation for this event. 10 countries will go head-to-head to be crowned Jezzy Racers Champion. Here is a list of the participating countries... 

1.Monaco (white and red)   2.Germany (red, black and yellow)   

3.Australia (red, white and blue)   4.Canada (red and white) 

5.Belgium (yellow, black, red)   6.Brazil (yellow, green and blue)   

7.UK (red, white and blue)   8.Japan (white, red) 

9.Italy (red, green and white)   10.Hungary (white, red and green).

Come in the colours of the country you are supporting. This astonishing event starts at 2pm then ends at approximately 4pm. Don't worry if you would like to take away a memory of the day as we will provide you with the opportunity to buy refreshments as well as merchandise. All of our merchandise will be handmade by our 10 teams racing. Only the people who come to our rally get to buy our unique creations. LUCKY YOU!

 After the rally, there will be an awards ceremony for the winners. Come and watch us laugh at the other teams because they can't handle our speed! We will win and pick up the gold!

By Eden Miller and Isla McGregor.

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