Team Member: Jordan Usher

Age: 9

DOB: 14/07/02

Team Comment: "Good at art."

Likes: Biker stunts and Mafia bikes

Dislikes: Football 

Team Member: Reece Ryan

Age: 10

DOB: 12/03/02

Team Comment: "Has a good imagination."

Likes: Rugby, racing and SNAKES!

Dislikes: Baseball 

Team Member: Isla McGregor

Age: 9

DOB: 20/07/02

Team Comment: "Good team work."

Likes: Puppies

Dislikes: Justin Bieber 

 Team Member: Kane Sutheran

Age: 11

DOB: 20/12/00

Team Comment: "He is good at art, good on bikes but he is better on scooters."

Likes: Scooters

Dislikes: Football

Team Member: Eden Miller

Age: 11

DOB: 20/06/00

Team Comment: "Good at helping."

Likes: Humour

Dislikes: Bullies 

 Team Member: Kaitlynn Neville

Age: 10

DOB: 5/3/02

Team Comment: "Kind and good with technology."

Likes: Football

Dislikes: Getting bossed around.

Team Member: Michaela Kitching

Age: 10


Team Comment: "She enjoys taking charge."

Likes: Garfield, Art

Dislikes: Football 

Team Member: Chloe Stevenson

Age: 11

DOB: 3/12/00

Team Comment: "She takes charge."

Likes: Justin Bieber and humour

Dislikes: Spiders and roller coasters  

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